I Like Him, He Likes Her



Let me just start by saying I *love* the Alice series! Alice is such a relatable (sp?) girl. I wish she really existed – but oh well. At least she does in my mind. 🙂
So anyway, I need some advice. I have this friend – let’s call her Amanda – that has been my absolute *best friend* for all my life. We live in different states for most of the year but we see each other all summer. Another friend of ours – we can call her Sara – comes to the same place as well, and she has this *gorgeous* brother, who I’ll just call George. He’s sweet and thoughtful and funny and smart and just my absolute dream guy. But he’s a year older than me, and so is Amanda. They’re closer in age, and I’ve barely even spoken to him because I came back early from our summer town. Amanda’s hung out with Sara and George a few times. She likes him just as much as I do and says he might like her back. We have yet another friend, Molly, who kept commenting before we had seen him again this summer that he was a good match for Amanda and whenever I spoke up that I thought he was really great too, she would just say she couldn’t see him with me. Amanda agreed. It made me just really sad and now that I’m back in my home state I see their statuses on Facebook and stuff all the time. They go surfing together and hang out and have inside jokes. Amanda asked me if I still liked him and I just said no. It’s not like I’ll see him much anyway. But I still really like him.
I don’t know what to do. I’m happy for Amanda, and I know I can’t get him anyway. But how can I just deal with it?


Phyllis replied:


There isn’t a really good way to deal with it, and it’s tough, I know.  It happened to me twice when I was growing up, and all I could do was watch.  It’s good to remember, though, that some day it will be the other way around.  Someone like really like you and you’ll be a couple, and there will be other people who envy you.  It’s all part of life and growing up.

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