Remembering Alice



I Have been reading the Alice series since I was 10. I first was
introduced to Alice when I found an old copy of “Reluctantly Alice” at
a book store in Lake Tahoe, where I was visiting. I loved Alice. I
remember hiding my copy of Alice the Brave. I had tried to reenact the
seen from the book where they read about the Woman slipping into the
man’s bed. I was scared my mom would find out so I hid it in the
garage. I guess I never really understood how much Alice was a part of
my life, until today. I came across your blog, and it mentioned the
pencil test. A light went on in my head and I said “So *thats* where I
got that from!”. I read Alice off and on through my adolescence. A few
days ago I picked up my copy of “The Agony of Alice.” Alice is now
helping me through the struggles of growing up all over again.
Thank you for writing such wonderful books that still how the power to
touch me today.


Phyllis replied:


I loved your letter.  When I was young, I liked to act out scenes I’d read about too.  (Remember the Tarzan scene with her boyfriend from Agony of Alice?) 


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