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I’m from Munich, Germany and there is a huge library available. Time ago I’ve read ‘The Grooming of Alice’ German edition. Some time later I noticed that there are a few original copies and was astonished to find some text passages I’ve never heard (read) of.
The changes from English to German are remarkable. Sometimes it seems to be a story rewritten not translated – and (that’s the reason I’m telling this) for the worst not the better.
Two examples:
“Voll in Form, Alice”, Loewe Verlag, page 135:
“Im Bad herrschte Stille. Als wir nach einigen Minuten noch immer nichts von Elisabeth gehört hatten, überlegten wir, ob sie vor Schreck vielleicht in Ohnmacht gefallen war und unsere Hilfe benötigte. Doch schließlich wurde die Tür geöffnet. Auf Elisabeths Stirn glänzten Schweißperlen, aber sie hatte den triumphierenden Blick einer Frau, die gerade die Welt erobert hat.”
Badly translated in english again:
“Silence in the bathroom. After we’ve heard nothing from Elizabeth for some minutes we thought she might has fainted from horror and needed our help. But finally the door was opend. Elisabeths forehead was wet with perspiration but she had the triumphant look of a woman who has conquered the world.”
Original: “The Grooming of Alice”, page 129:
“There was silence from the bathroom. Then Elizabeth’s faint voice. “Do I take the paper off first or what?” We all looked at each other. “Take the paper and insert it,” ordered Pamela, her mouth to the door. “Which end?” “Not the end with the string, for heavens’s sake. You have to pull it out again, remember,” I said. “It won’t go in,” Elizabeth whimpered. “It just goes halfway and stops.” Mark and Brian opened the back door and peered cautiously inside. “Push, Elizabeth, push!” Karen was saying. “Is she having a baby?” Mark joked. “Elizabeth, will you hurry? They think you’re in labor,” I called as the boys went out again. There was silence, and at last the door opened. Elizabeth was holding the empty cylinder in her hand and her forehead was wet with perspiration. But she had the triumphant look on her face of a woman who has conquered the universe.”
In the german book I couldn’t understand the triumphant look. Your story has been rewritten. And I’m sorry for this.
There are many minor changes but some greater too. So, just for your information.
I’m really looking forward reading your books although I’m a grown-up.
Phyllis replied:
Wow!  I had no idea!   Thanks for letting our readers know!  

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