I’ve read all the books in order



I just started reading your Alice books when I found them on an Internet
website for the blind a few months ago, and I’ve read all the way from
Starting with Alice to Incredibly Alice in order. I can’t wait for the
next books to come out! Alice helps me through many of the hard times I
have. Even though I’m almost fifteen, even reading the books about when
she was little help me to get through the day. I have read the whole
series about five times. I just want to thank you for writing the Alice
books. They’ve really helped me to realize what’s important in life. I
realize that if Alice can get by without a mother, I can get through the
problems I have. I also read the Shiloh trilogy and am reading The Dark
of the Tunnel at the moment. My favorite book in the series would have
to be the one where Liz, Gwen, Pamela, and Alice go to Camp Overlook to
be counselors. My favorite two characters are Lester and Pamela, because
Lester reminds me of my brother, Wade, and Pamela reminds me of myself.
Well, I’m glad that I could write to you, even if you can’t get back to
me. I just want to thank you again. Your books get me through everything
when no one else can!!! To me, Alice has become a real person. Also,
your books inspire me to follow my biegest dream which is to become a
writer. Thanks again!


Phyllis replied:

It sounds as though you read all the books in a relatively short span of time, one after another.  You must have felt you grew up right along with Alice!   I’m glad you were able to find them all.  Thanks so much for writing to me, and best wishes for your own desire to be a writer.

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