i was wondering if you were going to make another series like Alice, after you finish with Alice series? I abseloutly cannot unglue my eyes from each book, its too hard! I really love the Alice series. Sorry if this email is kind of bad, or childish. Im in 8th grade, and i know how to write emails and letters, but my parents are asleep and so i dont have there help or revision, and i was pretty sure that if i did not send it tonight i would get side tracked the next day and forget. I was also wondering, if in one of the last 2 books for Alice, if you could include a tornado in one of them. That would keep me on the edge of my chair in advisory, or whenever im reading the book. I know that pretty much the whole east coast gets them including maryland. I want to know how alice and her family and friends would handle that and how that situation in the book would go down. Your a spectacular author!


Phyllis replied:

Sorry, but there’s no tornado in Alice’s life.  She has enough to deal with as it is, and the last book is already written.  There are a zillion things that could have happened to Alice, and readers often send suggestions.  But events need to have something to do with the basic plot, so I have to be very selective.  It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoy the books so much.

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