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I want to thank you for your wonderful books!  I am a mom of 2 girls (12 and 15), and I am American and live in Switzerland.  My girls are growing up speaking German, so I started reading your books aloud to them about 5 years ago in order to keep them interested in reading in English; now they are totally hooked on the series and devour each new book as fast they can!  I am extremely grateful for your honest writing style:  In the time I was reading aloud, the books brought up many issues that I wouldn’t have otherwise necessarily approached as topics of discussion, and you really helped me to be closer to my daughters.  We’ve had some wonderful discussions based on Alice’s experiences.  Thank you so much for sharing your honest, healthy approach to life with so many people; these are exactly the kinds of stories young girls need to hear.  There were also a few thing that were very good for me to hear myself ;-).
Many, many thanks and kind regards,
Phyllis replied:
I appreciated your letter so much.  Yes, I wish I had known some of the things Alice now knows when I was growing up.  I also hear from mothers who find that it is easier talking about personal subjects with their daughters when discussing it through Alice’s eyes and her misconceptions.  Thanks again for writing to me!

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