Why Do You write about Sperms and Sex?

I can’t believe what kind of author you are.  I let my 8 year old start reading your early series of Alice and now she’s 10.  why do you write things like toughing,sperms, sex, etc.. in your later books? i tusted your series thinking it was a “kids” book.  I want to teach my kids the right things my way not thru your eyes.  your books shouldnt be labeled or put in the kids section of the library.  i am so surprise when i found out my daughter was reading your interpretation of sex.  yes you can say you are good writer but not for little girls.  they are confused at that age and you writing those things won’t help either.  let the parent do the job.  if not, recommend your older series for older kids!

Phyllis replied:

I’m not sure which Alice book you are referring to, but you mention the early Alice books, so I’m guessing it was “Lovingly Alice,” in which Alice is in 5th grade, and she and her girlfriends are discussing menstruation and sex at a sleepover.  The suggested age group for this book is 9-12.  I’m sorry if you feel that your ten year-old daughter should not be reading about such things, but I’m afraid I disagree with you.  Girls are menstruating at an earlier age and we also read about girls who are still children themselves becoming pregnant.  I and my publisher believe that girls should have information about sex and pregnancy, not be kept ignorant of them.  If you don’t want your daughter to read books that your library has approved, then you should read the books ahead of time.  But I do think you might form a good relationship with your daughter by reading these books together and discussing the things that she doesn’t understand.

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