I Hope You Sleep at Night

It’s free speech in the U.S.  and people can say and write whatever they choose. My concern to you as an author is you shouldn’t write books for young girls and then start writing books for 9-12 years old without any warning that it could contain sexual content. To me it’s like a pedophile luring in a child and then ripping their innocents away from them without  their parents awareness. Again, if your argument is I’m not close to my daughter will be wrong again. Hard working parents can not monitor every little thing in their child’s life. When I see her reading a book with a cute cover on it I am assuming she’s doing good by reading. I can’t read every little line in every book she reads. I’m pretty sure that goes with almost all parents too. I hope people are aware of your books and I pray you slap some kind of warning to your more mature books. At least to help out hard working parents who wants to be a good parent also. Yes 9-12 year olds do start their period around that age, but isn’t presumptuous for you as an author to step in and assume it’s okay to teach them this? What if they were not ready yet? What if the parent isn’t ready either? Who made you the judge to say a 9 year old should not be ignorant about sex? Yes I do have a close relationship to my daughter so don’t judge me Ms author. Because i am close to her is how I found out a series of books for kids with a nice cute cover could lead to such sexually materials unsuitable for a 9/10 year olds.  you should be ashamed of yourself for selling sex in the world. Our world is so corrupted nowadays with so many sex on tv and entertainment I’m glad you are rolling in your money with the books you sell. I hope you are happy sleeping at night.  Are you glad you are contributing to our society today? I guess you motto is to start early! Take some responsibilities with your books. Like I said hope you sleep well at night. 
Phyllis replied:
If you could read the many letters and emails I get from parents thanking me for the Alice books, relating how reading the books together with their daughters has made them even closer in their relationship, you would understand how I do sleep very well at night.  At the same time, I understand how difficult it must be for parents from other countries and cultures to deal with the relative openness we have here in the United States to choose what we read and to write what we want.  If the publisher did not agree with me, they would not publish my books.  If librarians did not feel that the Alice books were useful and wholesome for their students, they would not buy them.  The Alice series is 28 books long, beginning with Alice in third grade, and the very last book will end with Alice, at age 60, reuniting with her seventh grade class.  In between are the many things that happen to Alice and her friends, including sexual situations.  I just don’t share your feeling about innocence versus guilt, or good and bad, or clean and dirty.  Sexual feelings are natural and normal, and my hope is that in addition to writing truthfully about a girl growing up in  America, the books will also help girls understand themselves, accept their feelings, and deal with them in a responsible way.  If your aim is to keep your daughter innocent of sex, ask the librarian if the book your daughter chooses has anything at all to do with sex.  I’m sure she can recommend other books that both you and your daughter will enjoy.

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