Wish I Could Meet Alice


I am one of the biggest fans of the Alice Books! I love them so much! I remembering starting to read them back in 6th grade and now i am a Freshman already! I have read every one up to date. It makes me sad knowing there are only 2 left! I loved reading and experiencing Alice and her family grow up. I really wish i could meet her (if she were real that is). I do, however, feel like she is one of my friends. Her experiences have helped me deal with mine and help me through some things. Since starting high school this year, i think of all of the things that happened to Alice throughout her 4 years at her high school. I would just like to thank you so much for writing my favorite books because they are truely incredible. It would be so amazing if i could meet you, Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, one day or even just get an autographed book! Thank you again and it’d be awesome if you replied to this!

Phyllis replied:

It’s wonderful when readers take time to write to me, and I’m so glad to know you love the Alice books.   Yes, I wish I could meet all my fans.  But meanwhile, it’s good that we have email!  Makes my day.

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