I have a great idea that I think you might want to put in one of your future Alice Books. I think you should introduce a new character or make someone homeschool. I’ve homeschooled all of my life, except for five weeks of trying a public setting. I’ve been searching for a story about a girl my age that homeschools, but out of the thousands of books I’ve read- there just weren’t any! Maybe you can add someone Alice’s age that moves into the neighborhood that schools at home. See what the reaction is of the other kids. You know? From my own experience, sometimes it’s hard to be the odd one out. The one who doesn’t go to any of the local schools. It would certainly work well with your fantastic way of writing the so-realistic Alice series. Thanks for all the laughs and cries I’ve enjoyed from reading your books!
Phyllis replied:
Thank you for your suggestion.  I receive so many good ideas from readers.  But all the Alice books are now written and turned in to the editor.  The last two books will come out in 2011 and 2012.

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