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I don't know if u can answer two letters from the same person, but this
is really important to me, anyways. So I've liked this guy for around
three or four years now, and last year I realized I was in love with
him. I'd go for it, but he's my brother's best friend, and he claims not
to like me like that. I don't know if it's because he's afraid of my
brother or if he really doesn't like me, but no matter how hard I try to
get interested in someone else, I can't get over him. Can you please
give me some advice? I'm desperate, and hurting.

Phyllis replied:

It's hard, I know, but here's the deal:  Perhaps it seems easier for you to go on nursing a crush on a guy who doesn't feel that way about you, than to start looking at other guys and making new friends.  This way you "sort of" have a romantic life, in that you're thinking about a certain person, but it's obviously not very rewarding.  If this guy claims not to like you in a romantic way, take him at his word, and don't dream about his being afraid of your brother.  If he really thought of you in a romantic way, I think it would show.  This doesn't much help, I know, but it's time to move on.


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