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I am thirteen years old and i hate to read. In my english class we have to read 2 and 1/2 to three hours every week. This is always difficult for me because I play sports ,try my hardest in school,try to go to all of my brothers foot ball, base ball, and basket ball games, and some nights even stay up until 10pm. doing homework and lastly i don’t like to read. during summer vacatiuion I had not read at all and my ma saw a alice book when i read the back i thought i would like it so i checked it out. I read the book and LOVED IT. then i found out there was a series. during this school year so far I have looked for the alice books and have found many and have already read 4 this year(excluding the ones I read over the summer) and it has only been 1 month since school started!! A few days ago i wanted to read the whole series and i found your blog and the list and i printed the list and bring it everywhere i go. in school it stays in my binder so i can check what books i want to read or see what the next book in the series is and more! Yesterday i decided to read the very first book I started to read it yesterday and finished it yesterday!!!!!!!!!! I am such  a slow reader you would not belieave it, I read for 4 hours and 5 minutes yesterday to read thet book i couldn’t stop!!! This week(monday through thursday) I read 7.6 hours and now i have an A+ on my reading grade and a few weeks ago my ma and I were saying how she wants me to get an A+ in reading and i told her I didn’t know if I could and she said she knew I could then I got really worried because I try my hardest in everything and always get A’s and never had to have my ma tell me to work harder and get a better grade because the week before i got a B+ and She wanted better. I was so worried! but then i kept reading your books and got more and more into them!!!! I forgot all about our conversation and before i knew it I had read three weekes worth of reading already!!! and I will keep reading this much every week if not more!! Every year of school I only read about 2 books because I hate reading so much but it never affected my grade and this year my reading teacher told us to write down how many books we thought we would read this year i wrote 5!!!!! I have already read four books in 1 month it is unbelievable!!!!!!!! my ma and I are thrilled that We finally found a series that makes me LOVE reading and a series I can relate to and a series that raises my grades!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are truly the best author that can write books that soo many teenage girls can relate to and enjoy!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING I MENTIONED IN THIS LETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t say how much i thank you it would take a long time writing 100’s of thank you’s!!!!!
PLEASE READ AND RESPOND TO THIS IT WOULD MEAN THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phyllis replied:
I love letters like yours, but think you’ve discovered something else: It’s not reading you hate, it’s reading things that don’t interest you.  That’s so true of a lot of things in life–work, example.  There are some tasks we despise, others that aren’t so bad, and some we really enjoy.  I’m just delighted that you love the Alice books so much.  I enjoyed writing them, and was always happy when it came time to write another book.   I think you’ll love “growing up with Alice,” right up to the very last book.

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