What happened to the girl?



   I started reading your books last summer, and I absolutely LOVE them!!!!  I can’t wait for “Alice on Board” to come out!!!!!!!! I’m dying to read it, you are pretty much my favorite author ever, and this is definitely, like the best series I have ever read, and my favorite. This series is really amazing to me and has helped me live life better. I have a question for you, What ever happened to the little girl Brian hit with his car? Is she alright? They never said!!!! You’re reply would be much appreciated!!!!!


Phyllis replied:


That’s a good question, and one I don’t think I ever answered.  I believe that somewhere, in one of the books, Alice and her friends are talking about the accident, and someone remarks that for Brian, his probation of no driving will be over in a year, while for the little girl, it will be a long, slow recovery.  And I left it at that.  In my mind she did, yes, fully recover.  Thanks for bringing this up.  I’m so glad you like the Alice series!

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