Please Don’t Break Them Up


I loved how raw and amazing Incredibly Alice was.  One of the things that is amazing about this series and the book is the deep connection Alice and Patrick have. I have grown up with Alice and Patrick and seen their relationship develop. the funny moments when Patrick’s parents invited Alice to the Country Club and that was her awkward moment. We saw them break up over Penny. But this book really shows what anchors them together.Pleeease don’t break them up. I know Alice is going to college and might move on and Patrick is going you know where.  But there are three couples that can never be broken up Han/Leia, Ron/Hermione, and Alice/Patrick.

 Phyllis replied:
The last Alice book has been turned in, so I”m afraid you’ll have to wait until it’s published in 2013, “Always Alice,” to find out.  As in real life, some couples drift apart and go their separate ways, some stay together through the years, some part and find each other later, some find each other later but nothing happens….   Sorry to make you wait, but I don’t want to ruin the suspense for others.

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