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The Alice Series



I just wanted to let you know about something that happened this past week. I’m
a senior in college, double majoring in French and English, with emphasis in
Linguistics. Last week I passed one of my favorite English professors and she
had “Alice in Between” In her hand! I said, “Oh my gosh I LOVE that series!
Alice helped me make it through my childhood without my mom. They’re really
special to me.”  She replied that she always teaches that particular book in the
series in her Children’s Lit class every fall, and they they were getting ready
to read it.

Today she invited me to her class to talk about why the books were so important
to me, and about the other novels in the series. She also asked me to read some
passages from a few of the other Alice books. I really teared up when I read
them the passage in which Mrs. Plotkin dies, and had to stop.

I really enjoyed getting to talk about you to another class, and explain why the
books mean so much to me. Thank you so much, again, for your series.

Phyllis replied:

And I enjoyed your email so much.  I know what you mean about tearing up.  Two of the scenes that always make me cry when I read them again are Alice’s memory of sitting on her mother’s lap in the hospital, and of the candlelight vigil around the  Stedmeisters’ house.  Over the years, these people have all become so real to me.  Thank you for taking time from your own busy schedule to write to me.

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