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Read in order?

HI!! I just bought Alice On Her Way and was wondering if I had to read the books in order? I don’t mind reading the others but this one looks really good and I don’t know if I can wait to read it. I will probalby end up reading all of them because they all look wonderful. 🙂
Phyllis replied:
Each of the Alice books can be read in any order, but they do follow the life of one girl from age 8 to 60.  There are different plots or themes in each book, but for the most part these don’t carry over into the next one.  What does carry over are the personalities of the many characters, the family situations, etc.  If you can read the 28 books in order, that’s wonderful, but probably  most readers pick up whichever one is available at their library or bookstore, and read either forward or back.

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