Is it Too Late?


 love your books, and I’ve written to you before about that, but now I have a question.

I am in the eighth grade, and a bunch of girls have gone out with guys, but I haven’t. I 
don’t know of a guy that’s ever liked me. I’m not very popular or unpopular, just in the middle. 
There is a new guy who I really, really like, but I’ve never talked to him. I feel like now it’s too late in
the year to introduce myself. I’m always around him, and I see him in the halls, but I can’t just start 
talking to him! I feel like I like him way too much, considering I barely know him! Also we don’t seem to
have very much in common. I think his family has very different political views from my family, and we 
don’t really have the same interests. I have always liked guys who I new I would never date, because they
were way more popular than me. But this guy is not very popular either, and I think thats partly why I like him.
But yeah, I just feel like I like him a lot, and I wish I could make something happen. You always give great advice on 
your website, so maybe you will respond to this! Thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading Alice on Board!
Phyllis replied:
Too late in the year?   The school year is only two months old!!!!!  Find any excuse at all.  Bump into him and apologize, if you have to, just to use it as an excuse to say something.  What about, “Hey!  Nice jacket!”  or “Did you understand that last assignment?”  or “Going to game Friday?”  As far as political or social differences go, you’re not marrying him, you just want to get to know him better to see if there’s a spark, right?   Look at it this way:  if you were new in a school and a guy who had never talked to you before began smiling at you, or finding excuses to talk to you, would you be offended?  Of course not.   Even if he wasn’t your type, I think you’d be flattered.  Give it a try.

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