How can I persuade her?


I am a huge fan of the Alice series. I got into them when I was in 5th grade(now I am in 6th grade). I found Reluctantly Alice on the book shelf at my school library when I was in 5th grade. I read it, and I practically loved that book like a child. I took it with me where ever I went and I read is about 4 times in the 1 week I had it taken out. Then, one day I went to my public library and found out there was a whole series. Once I started 6th grade I found out that my middle school had all the Alice books. Right now, I’m up to Achingly Alice. I got my friend into the series and she is starting to read them. I promised her I would stop reading until she caught up, so we could discuss them together. But my friend thinks that the Alice books are kind of, well, awkward. I truly think that Alice books really bring out the fun of being a girl. Do you have any advice I could tell my friend?    

  I wanted to ask you one thing, also:  Okay, so there is this guy at school that I really like. I am only in one of his classes, but I still see him a lot at lunch. I really want to talk to him,but it seems weird because I don’t know him that well. A few weeks ago, during recess he came over to me when I was just sitting by myself. It was nice that he came over to me, but then his friends came by too. I wasn’t able to talk to him. After that, a friend came over to me and said that he liked me. I wasn’t sure that he does because no guy has ever liked me. I need some way to be able to talk to him, or a way I can know if he likes me. I’ve been trying to get his phone number for a while, just so I can get to know him better.  I need some advice on:How I can talk to him, without it seeming weird?  
How to tell if he likes me or not?

Phyllis replied:

Has your first friend actually read any of the Alice books?   It’s OK if she doesn’t like them or doesn’t want to read them.  Not everyone likes the same thing.  Some girls just don’t feel ready yet for some of the situations Alice finds herself in, or might be embarrassed to read about some of the things Alice and her friends discuss.   As for the boy who may or may not like you, the fact that he came over to you certainly seems to me that he finds you interesting or attractive or both.  Make it easy for him.  The next time you meet casually or pass in the hall or find yourselves sitting near each other in class, SMILE.  Guys like a girl who smiles because it means she’s approachable, that she probably won’t say something mean or embarrassing.  Ask a question.  Pay him a compliment about something.   Wouldn’t you like it if a guy showed an interest in you?   I had to smile when you wrote that no guy ever liked you before.  How do you know?  And even if it’s true, there’s a first time for everyone.

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