I’m only a sophomore, and I feel like dropping out
already. I can’t see what any of the stuff we do has to do with my
ultimate goal in life, which is to write, like you. Did you learn
anything in school that helped you with your writing?


Phyllis replied:

It’s easy to feel that way sometimes, especially with subjects that have little interest for you.   I probably learned more on my own, but various classes introduced me to things that opened the world for me.  I especially found sociology and psychology useful, and read a great number of books on my own that weren’t assigned.  Literature courses introduced me to different styles of writing, and again, prompted me to read more by various authors.  School also helps by forcing you to meet deadlines, to rewrite and correct your own copy, to be reliable and do even unpleasant assignments, because there are many things involved in publishing a book that are tedious.

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