Appear together in a series?

I grew up reading the Alice books and LOVE them. I would like to have all of them one day and hope to have a daughter who loves reading as much as I do that I could share them with. Do all the books come in a complete series type package? I know many television shows have complete series in one uniform package that are nice to have around. Is this something you have or have ever considered?
Phyllis replied:
I’m asked this question a lot.  Unfortunately, the 28 books aren’t published in any package.  They’ve come out one by one, a year at a time, over a 25 year period, and there have been a number of editions and different covers.  You would just have to find them online–perhaps–and select the one you want, then order it that way.  Recently the three books of her freshman year have been printed as one book, the same with her sophomore and junior years (and eventually her senior year), but there’s no way to order the complete series all at one time.  I wish there was.

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