Why was he drinking?

Let me start by saying that I am a very avid Alice book reader. I am twelve, and am in the 7th grade. I can’t wait to read the final book!
Anyhow, I had a question. Remember in ‘Outrageously Alice’ that part about Crystal’s wedding? And Alice is paired up with Danny, the groom’s brother? Well, I was wondering why, if Danny is only seventeen, that he was drinking beer in the first place? It always sort of puzzled me, as to why he was even able to GET the beer. He still had four years to go before 21. Could you please clarify as to why you put this like this? Thank you, your reply is MUCH apreciated!
P.S. I am going to dedicate one of the books I publish, to you, my role model in journalism.
Phyllis replied:
He shouldn’t have been drinking, of course.  But sometimes drinking is overlooked at a family affair, and with champagne sitting around on trays while people are dancing, it would be very easy for a 16-year-old to help himself to drinks that adults had left on a tray or a table.  P.S.  I would be very honored if you dedicated a book to me!


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