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I am 13 and in the 8th grade. There is  this boy that I like and i have known him since 6th grade. He has a girlfriend at our school who  came last year and she’s really nice. I invited him to my bat mitzvah in june, and he invited me to his, but his parents and mine had a series of emails because at first we did not get one… Anyway, I was not sure if he really was going to invite me in the first place, and it was really awkward. I have several classes with him but seems like he does not like me. I am wondering if and what i should say to him or his girlfriend, and when.
P. S. I love your books and i will always.

Phyllis replied:

This is one of those awkward situations in life because you’re not sure what has been said or discussed behind the scenes, probably just a general misunderstanding of who invited whom.  I would stay friendly but casual, and treat this boy and his girlfriend no differently from anyone else.  If he doesn’t like you or want to get more friendly, he’ll be glad you don’t seem to be watching him all the time, and if he does like you and wants you to be more than a friend, he’ll probably find some way to let you know.

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