She said everything I wanted to say…


I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing
these books.  I am 27 years old and I distinctly recall discovering
“The Agony of Alice.”  I found it in my school library in the 5th
grade.  It was a paperback edition that featured Alice in an
ill-fitting pair of jeans.  The jacket was creased a few times and
there was a red library jacket on the edges.  I flipped through a few
pages during my school library class, and later rushed home from
school to get back to the story. I curled up in a corner of my room on
a Friday and devouring a big chunk of it in one sitting.  I must’ve
taken that book out at least a half a dozen times.  The school
librarian always told me when a new Alice book arrived so that I could
take it out right away.

Something reminded me of the Alice series recently (I think it was the
Sears catalogue, where she ordered her boys’ jeans in the first book)
and I looked up the books online.  A wave of nostalgia hit me upon
finding the cover art for “The Agony of Alice.”  When I was a kid, I
felt like Alice put my mixed-up adolescent feelings into words.  She
said everything that I wanted to say, but didn’t know how … or
didn’t even know that I wanted to say!

Thank you for giving so many girls a voice and a friend!


Phyllis replied:


I loved your email.  Thanks so much for writing!

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