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I absolutly love your books. I read them almost all the time. My sister gets mad at me because she wants to watch TV while I’m reading your books and I say that she can’t. I was wondering though if you do book signings and if you do are you coming to Michigan anytime soon cause I would love to get my books signed by you. I was also wondering if the books are about your life stories? And are the names in the book names of people you know? I”m just wondering.


Phyllis replied:

I’m afraid I’m not coming to Michigan any time soon.  You could always send me a label or the book itself, and I would be glad to sign it and return it to you.  Make sure that you enclose an envelope to mail it back in, self addressed and stamped.   Some of the things in the Alice books are real, and happened to me or to friends.  But I never use the names of people I know, because it would affect how I portray that character in the story.

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