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You misguided this person, I’ve done several searches because I have a kindle and the Alice series isn’t available as an e-book! For any platform. Will this change soon???
I love the Alice Series and I can’t wait to read about her senior year! I’m debating waiting for the compile of it or not, but if it becomes available as an ebook. I probably wouldnt even worry anymore!!


Phyllis replied:

I’m sorry if I’ve confused you.  The Alice books are currently becoming e-books.  I spoke with my editor this morning and she said that the publisher is doing them in groups.  I’m not sure if they are starting with the most recent and working backwards, or going all the way back to the earliest Alice books and beginning there.  In case, she expects them all to be in e-book form by fall.   The large paperback that includes all the books of her senior year will not be available until “Alice Onboard” comes out in hardcover, and then it won’t be on the market right away.  This is the latest information I can give you.

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