Pregnant before your first period?

I sort of have this big problem regarding me and this boy at my school… I can’t possibly ask my mother for help, but I needed someone to turn to whom I actually thought would listen to me. So here goes… I have one question. I know it’s probably a really, really dumb question that probably everyonne but me knows the answer to, but here it is: Can you still get pregnant from sexual intercourse even if you havn’t gotten your period yet? Yeah, well that’s me. So I don’t have my period, and my boyfriend is forcing me to have sex. Of course, I wouldn’t really call it rape, becuase I want to do it too. Okay, this is getting gross. But could you PLEASE help me out by answering just that one question? Please? I know your an author(and an awesome one i might add) but I’ve also seen you give great advice. You don’t know how much this helps.
Sincerily(I know that’s not how you spell it, sorry)
An Alice Fan, and Scared Girl
Phyllis replied:
No, it’s not a dumb question, and I can’t even give you a 100% guaranteed answer.  I’m not a doctor, remember.  I would say it is extremely unlikely to become pregnant before you have begun menstruating, but how do I know that you might be ready to menstruate any day now, and that an egg is already on it’s way to your uterus?  Of course you are curious about sex.  You and this boy have probably already begun touching each other and getting yourselves excited, and yes, all that feels good.  But you truly, truly are not ready to begin having intercourse.  Does this guy care enough about you to worry too about your getting pregnant?  Has he suggested using a condom?  Is he making out with other girls?  If so, you need to think about sexually transmitted diseases, not just pregnancy.     I would feel so much better if you would talk to your school nurse if you feel you can’t talk to your mother.   Please tell this guy that if he really cares about you, he’ll want the best for you, not just what feels good to him.  And there are other ways to give each other sexual pleasure besides intercourse.

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