I’m bummed!


So, in October I met this guy. We had to read together for callbacks for a play, and over the course of the show I developed a crush on him. It wasn’t two weeks til the show ended that he told me he liked me too, so it was great! But I wanted to stay wary because he has had a bad past with girls…but  e texted everyday and I could tell he was moving very fast, saying he loved me and complimenting me all the time, but I stayed true to my instincts and only said what I felt. But I enjoyed talking to him because we had a lot of things in common also, but I knew the relationship wouldn’t work out because we go to different schools but we were looking forward to seeing eachother at the cast party. Until Christmas Eve when he told me he liked someone else. I wasn’t as mad as I was confused: How can you say you love me the day before you tell me you like someone else? And to make it worse, Christmas Day my friend texted him asking what was going on and he said he liked someone else and I wasn’t ‘good enough’.

Needless to say I’m bummed, but more confused and angry as to why boys are so thoughtless.

Phyllis replied:

 There are a whole bunch of reasons why a guy would do that, but I’d say that the chief reason is he’s immature.  He may simply have been wanting to say he had a girlfriend by Christmas.   Or he needed someone to tell him she loved him so he could brag about it, and you were smart enough to say only what you felt.  Or another girl returned a gift he’d given her and he wanted to dump it on someone else.  Or he’s simply thoughtless and impolite, and stuck on himself.  But please don’t label all guys thoughtless.  There are undoubtedly a lot of boys who would think him as rude as you do.  Consider yourself lucky that you didn’t get involved with this guy.

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