I’ll pass the books down to my daughter


I am a high school senior and have been reading the Alice series since I was very young. Alice and all of her friends have helped me through life and it’s challenges. I have grown up with Alice and like any fan, I simply cannot believe the series will be ending. I will be graduating with Alice. I am excited to read her senior year while I’m going through mine. When I finally read the last book, I will probably cry because it is the end of the most wonderful series a girl could ever find. Thank you so much for writing something girls can relate to as they are growing up. Other books are written by adults who are trying to appeal to the young, but as you read the Alice books, it is obvious that you don’t do the same. It seems effortless. You touch all the things girls and even boys go through going through their teen years. It is amazing. You are a brilliant author. I already know that if I have a daughter, I will pass down these books to her, to read in order as I did, to learn and experience the adventures Alice McKinley takes


Phyllis replied:

Well, it’s not effortless, but I’m glad it reads that way.  I guess, after writing the Alice books for 25 years, I do feel very much like Alice.   Thank you so much for writing to me!


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