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Hi! I’m am writing to you to tell you how much I love love love the alice books!!! They are the first books I have ever read where I really feel

like the main character is my best friend. I can really relate to the Alice books, and they just mean so much to me!!! I checked out Alice on The Outside
yesterday afternoon at the library and I finished it this morning! I am totally addicted to the Alice books! Please write more!
Now I have a question. What inspires you to write the Alice books? Do you use experiences from your own life to help you write the books?
Who is your favorite character in the alice books, and what is your favorite alice book that you have written? My favorite book so far is Alice on The Outside
My favorite character (besides Alice of course) is Gwen. I was just introduced to her, but I just think she is so smart and kind. I love Pamela and
Elizabeth to but not in the same way I like Gwen. I think Patrick is really cute also, and lester and Carol are awesome! Oh I just love all of the characters so much, even Janice Sherman! 
Phyllis replied:
I had started out just wanting to write about a motherless girl who is looking for a role model, and it became a series.  Some of the events happened to me or my friends, but most of them I just made up.  I probably like Lester the most of all. 

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