Wish I had a sister and brother

Question:  Hi Mrs. Naylor. I must say, I love the Alice series. My friends think I’m crazy that I read so much of your books & have no time to hang with them. I wish you could come here in Honolulu, Hawaii so that I can see you person & let you sign my book. I always bother my mom to go with me to the library so that I can read the next book of the series. Anyways, I can really relate to Alice & somehow, I wish I have a sister like Alice & a brother like Lester (i’m an only child). I’m very excited to read Alice on board & even though the series is going to end (i’m very sad about that), I hope Alice & Patrick will marry each other. You’re an awesome author.


Phyllis replied:

I’m sad about the series ending too, but I think it was time.   And besides, I wanted to see what happened to Alice the rest of her life, so I was eager to write that last book.  Look for it in 2013, “Always Alice.”

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