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HELP! I recently bought 3 books.. they each had 3 parts… I’m going on to Please don’t be true… were there previous books that i should have read? GAH! and is there a 3 part book for senior year?!

P.S. I LOVE the books.
Phyllis replied:   You are reading parts of the 28-book Alice series.  The three large “bind-up” paperbacks you are reading are the collections of Alice in her freshman year of high school, sophomore year, and junior year.  As the very last book of Alice’s senior year “Alice On Board” has not yet been published singly in hardcover (due out this May or June), the publisher has not put together the bind-up of the three books of her senior year, and we don’t know the title yet.  When you finish the book you’re on now, you may want to go back to the very beginning, “Starting with Alice,” when she is in the third grade and Les is a teenager, and read up on all the books that bring her to where she is now, a senior in high school. 

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