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I was reading about when Alice was choosing the dress for her senior-prom in Incredibly Alice, and I was wondering if you have a photo you saw that inspired the dress. 




I wish I could say that I did, or that I love designing dresses, or that it was always the dress I wanted to have.  To tell the truth, I’m more an auditory person than a visual one.  And I can remember instances in the past when I described a dress out of desperation, and the editors gently changed it a little for me–the color or style or fabric.  When I was in high school I made my own prom dresses, though, and I do remember those.  The first was a black velvet top with a black, green and plaid taffeta skirt; the second was a brilliant red cap -sleeved dress, and–thinking my boyfriend already knew the color when he asked–I jokingly told him it was purple.  My mother said she could still remember my face when he handed me an orchid corsage.  The third dress I made, that I liked the best, was a light blue cotton stapless, form-fitting at the bodice with a flared skirt.  I loved that dress.  Maybe I should have put Alice in one of those.

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