What’s next in the Alice series?


I recently started reading your Alice books.
I’ve finished I like him, He likes her, and I’m now onto It’s not like I planned it this way
Well, I don’t want to read the very first ones, I inteded to start at the one’s where she begins her Freshman year.
Anyway, I have I like Him, He likes her, It’s not like I planned it this way and Please don’t let it be true, that’s freshman, sophmore and junior year.
I would like to continue reading through her Senior year, and so on.
However, I can’t seem to figure out what it is.
I’ve looked for hours on end, and there’s literally, no listen of them all in order.
So if you could possibly tell me what the next on is after Please don’t let it be true, and others that follow, I’d appreciate it so I can continue the series!


Phyllis replied:

The three books of Alice’s senior year, –not yet out as a combined paperback–are Alice in Charge, Incredibly Alice, and Alice On Board (this last book coming out in May)  And when all of these books are published, the very last book in the whole series will be published:  “Always Alice,” taking her from age 18 to 60.


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