Found Alice in 9th Grade

I picked up Alice in April when I was a Freshmen in high school. Since then I have became a HUGE fan of the Alice books. What made me love her was how much I could relate to her family. My mother passed away with I was 3 years old. I have a sister who’s 6 years older, so while I didn’t have an older brother I could relate to having an older sibling and living with my father. I could relate to how embarrassed Alice got and how naive she felt about things. Pamela even reminded me of my best friend. I found myself to be a mix of Alice and Elizabeth. I honestly have never related to a series as much as I have to the Alice series. And every once in a while I like to check all the books about her out again. Revisiting these books is like revisiting an old friend. And that’s what I’m doing write now. Each time I read them I’m reminded of why I love these series as much as I do.
Thank you so much for writing these series.
Phyllis replied:
I agree that books seem to mean much more to us when we can identify with them in some way.  And the characters don’t have to be just like us either.   Thanks so much for writing to me.

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