Intrigued with Alice’s Life


Hey! I grew up reading the alice series ever since i happened to come across alice in blunderland, sitting on  a book shelf in the classroom. 

From that book on, I’ve been intrigued with Alice’s life, a girl i could relate to so easily. You make the story come to life in  a way that truly makes us believe that 
Alice is breathing, and existing. And now, reaching the latest chapter of her as Alice graduates from high school in Incredibly Alice after pausing for 2 years or so (for ive read all that has been published) it really hits home for me. Alice has matured and grown so much, though she still naturally remains the true and honnest girl she is with real life problems and obstacles. I would really like to gather up the entire series to treasure forever…
 Other wonderfully written books, such as the A-list and gossip girls are adequate for a fun reading, but your Alice books are really notched up a level. Intellectually and emotionally. Which in turn  forces me to rip through each of them within 2 or 3 days when I just want to savour the time spent reading. No wonder I waited so long for new ones to come out. I was overjoyed to find out on your blog that Incredibly Alice, you will sum up the entire series in the final book. I genuinely cannot wait to read that one, where we’ll trace the life of Alice all the way throughout her adulthood.  Without it, I dont think i can bare it to end.
I just wanted to send you think email to show you my appreciation for creating this wonderful experience for all of us readers out there,connecting with Alice, Patrick, Liz, Pamela, Gwen, Lester and all those characters which you brought to life. You have made a great impact on our lives. 
Please tell me, is it rewarding to be an author? 
How do you establish a writing style that is captivating to readers? (you do it so well)
I can’t begin to express the love I feel towards you and the characters of Alice. Long live Alice! 
Long live Alice and Patrick!
Phyllis replied:
It’s rewarding because readers like you make it so.  I’ve forwarded your letter on to my editor, and I’m sure it will make her day, as well as it’s made mine.  Regarding the writing style, I don’t know.  When I wrote the first book, which was actually “The Agony of Alice,” I just wanted to write it as if I were a young motherless girl in search of a role model.  And it just sort of wrote itself.

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