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I am from Germany and read the Alice books ever since I was 9 years old. It was a pleasure to have her growing up with me, especially because I’m always embarrassing myself. I’ll turn 16 in May and I am so looking forward to your new book. The only thing that Alice couldn’t help me with, is a huge problem I face everyday. Literally huge. It’s my height. I’m actually 5’11” and that’s probably why I never had a boyfriend. A lot of people tell me I was pretty, and I know that I’m not fat or anything. I am really, really scared that I won’t ever find someone who likes me and don’t cares about my height. I hate sticking out on all the pictures. I want to be all happy and ok with my body. All the girls in the books made it. Can you help me?
Phyllis replied:
There’s probably not a girl alive who can’t find something about her body that’s giving her fits.  It’s just that each of these things present different challenges.  Remember, though, that there are tall guys in the world, too.  And there are guys shorter than you who aren’t that sensitive about dating a tall girl.  I think as you get older you’ll find guys (and girls) who begin looking at other aspects of a person–personality and smile and interests–rather than height alone.  Are there “tall girl” clubs where you live–“tall people” groups where you can share some of your problems and begin to feel a little more comfortable about getting along in a shorter world?  It’s always helpful to hear how other people deal with things, and a sense of humor is always helpful. 

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