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My name is Shelby, and words can not explain how much of a fan I am of the Alice series. I first noticed your books when I was in school, and a girl in my class had “I like him, he likes her”. I would always tell myself that I should try out the book. I also thought to myself how pretty the cover of the series were! If the cover of a book catches my eye, and I feel I can relate, it has to be amazing! I finally bought ALL of the books in the Alice series from her 9th grade year up. When I started to read the books, I felt like I could relate to alice and her life.  I felt that whatever she went through, I went through in a part of my high school experiences. The boyfriends…the friend drama…the family issues…high school romances that you think will last forever…and everything else alice has went through, I felt that I could defiantly relate to her story! I’m her # 1 fan

I honestly can not wait until you come out with more of Alice’s story. I can not wait to read about more of her adventures and what she has in store for her! I told myself the other day, “What am i going to do when i finish reading all the alice series?”. I hope you can come out with more of her life as the years go on. I can not picture myself reading any other book except for these! I love all of the emotions that come with reading about her. how happy you can get, how mad you can get about a situation of hers, how confused you can get, it all happens so fast and thats what makes your books so fascinating! 
Are you planning to write more about Alice? If so, when will the next book to the series come out?
Phyllis replied:
I’m so glad you feel that way about the Alice books.The 27th book in the series, ALICE ON BOARD, will be out in May.  The next year the very last book in the series will take Alice from age 18 to 60, ALWAYS ALICE.

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