A 32-year old reader

Tomorrow is my 32nd birthday. Yes, I’m in my 30’s and I read the Alice books. I only found them about a year ago. I like reading young aduult fiction because I think I might want to write a book in t his genre one day, and I think that reading as much as I can will give me a feel for the way to write it. I only started reading the Alice books within the last year and I just finished “Alice in Charge.” I love these books and I know that I would have loved them when I was a teenager. I’ve already decided that I want my daughter to read them when she’s a teenager to help give her an idea that she’s not alone in what she’s going through growing up. I know I still have a couple more books but I’m already sad about the last book. I don’t want Alice to end!!!! Thank you for writing such wonderful books, you’ve helped a lot of girls and entertained a few women, too.
Phyllis replied:
I love hearing from adults who still read the Alice books.  Thank you for telling me so, and hope you had a terrific birthday!

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