Could you tell us about “doing it”?


I love the Alice books like so many others’. They are so realistic!
But I’m in a pickle, and Alice, i don’t think, is able to help yet.
I’m curious about, you know, Doing it, and I don’t have a motehr to tell me. I’m like Alice in that way (my mother died when I was young).
Could you possibly tell me what it was like for you the first time you Did It? Details would be great, since I litterally have NO IDEA what it’s about, and I’m in eighth grade!
My dad, i think, won’t open up because he hasn’t done it all these years… or so I hope!
Happy Spring! Thanks for reading!
…And writing!
Phyllis replied:
Well, even if your mother was alive, she still deserves some privacy, and asking someone that most personal of questions may not be a good idea.  And since you are only in the eighth grade, I don’t think  you’ll be needing to know the specifics any time soon.  But I do understand your curiosity about it, and Alice will let you in on her first experience in the last book of the Alice series, “Always Alice,” that comes out next spring.

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