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I just started reading your books a month ago, and I fell in love with them immediately! I went to the bookstore and all the other books were out of stock, so I ordered them. The librarian said they will arrive after 20 and I am counting down. I am a huge Alice fan and I was just wondering, will you stop writing when reaching a certain number of books or will you keep on writing more? If you’ll stop at a certain number, what is it? I also wanted to thank you for donating your time for all your fans, writing books and reading their notes. I really appreciate your consideration!
Phyllis replied:
I’m revising the very last book right now that will end the Alice series, book # 28, “Always Alice,” which will come out in May or June of 2013.  It’s been a great run, and I’ve enjoyed writing it so much.  I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to answer emails this time, but my husband, Rex, died a few days ago, and it’s been a rough several months.  I know my readers will understand.  Rex and I were married for 52 years, and he was the first person who read a manuscript when I completed it, before I worked on it further and sent it to the publisher.  He was not only a fine man, but an excellent speller, which I’m not, and it was so easy to call out, “Rex, how do you spell (such and such)?” instead of looking it up in the dictionary.  He was always right.  Spellcheck is great if you type your manuscripts, but I wrote mine by hand twice before I ever typed them up, so I always needed his help.  I will remember him fondly, and so do our sons and grandchildren.

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