Never Been Offended by One of Your Books


First of all, I wanted to thank you for writing your book series.  I
read “The Agony of Alice” when I was in fourth grade and I’ve been
reading them ever since, even though I’m 27 now.  I will be so sad to
see the series end next year, as I’ve grown very attached to Alice and
I sometimes feel like she is a real person after spending so many
years with her.

I was very surprised with how many people on your Alice webpage seem
upset by the content of your books.  Let me start by saying that I
consider myself a conservative person.  I go to church every week,
didn’t drink alcohol until I was 21, and I vowed for myself that I
will not have sex until I am married.  All that being said, I have
never been offended by one of your books.  They are a very real
portrayal of what happens to teenagers today.  And I feel that I can
say that because I was reading the Alice series while I was actually a

What your offended posters don’t seem to grasp is that for every
perhaps questionable moral decision that, say, Pamela makes, there is
another more conservative viewpoint through Elizabeth.  Alice herself
has stayed pretty conservative, not having sex (even though she’s had
the opportunity), because Alice didn’t feel right about the
circumstances.  I think that is a great message to send out to young
teen girls–explore ideas, but do not do something that you don’t feel
comfortable with.

And yes, your books cover STDs, teen pregnancies, molestation, drunk
driving, and other serious topis.  But guess what?  Teenagers are
going to run into these issue in the real world, whether it is at
school, on TV, and yes, even at church.  I feel like you handle these
issues respectfully and realistically.  And since my virginity is
still intact at the age of 27 after reading your whole series, I think
it’s safe to say that you are not corrupting young girls with your
books.  Instead, perhaps these mothers should read the books with
their teenages and then together openly discuss the issues presented.
The mothers might gain more insight into their very own children.

Thank you again for your series!

Phyllis replied:  

 Thank you so much for your email.  You mentioned what I’ve often

suggested before–that mothers read these books first and discuss them with their

daughters when they read them.  What better way to instill values than to discuss all current

attitudes, and explain why parents believe as they do.  I very much appreciate your email. 

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