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I’m not sure where to begin.  I first read “Alice on Her Way” when I was thirteen, I’m sixteen now, and I instantly fell in love.  Every spring since I look forward to another book!  Like everyone else says, your books are just so realistic!  There isn’t even a huge plot line like so many other books, but I think every teenage girl can relate to high school Alice in one way or another.  It’s nice to sit down and enjoy a book that’s not over dramatized like most books about teenage girls nowadays. I feel as if I’m reading one of my friend’s diary.  Alice has experienced things I have yet to experience and it kind of gives me insight on what those things might be like.  I also think it’s ridiculous that people disagree with the content in your books (people can I have there opinions though, I guess)!  That’s reality! Even so, I love that you keep writing how you do although some people disagree.  Sure, it can be…  Explicit…  At sometimes, but a majority of teenage girls will experience that.  I’d like to express my thanks for REALISTICALLY preparing me for certain events and never changing your writing style and I can promise you that there have been occasions where I look back on your books.  I also appreciate how you take time to respond to most of your fans with such a busy schedule.  I can honestly say that I’ll be very upset not see a new Alice book on my library’s shelf in the Spring of 2014.  So how did you come about writing the Alice series and did you think the series would become so massive?  Also, do you think you’ll write more young adult books?
Phyllis replied:
I intend to keep writing YA books as long as possible, along with books for younger people too, and an occasional novel for adults, or a picture book, we’ll see.   When I wrote the first Alice book, I didn’t even know it would become a series, but I’m glad that it did, because I’ve enjoyed it very much, as Alice is the daughter I never had.

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