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I know I have already written to you before, but I feel that I need to ask you a question. I have not read all of the books, but from the ones I have read, I find it remarkable how much I do not have in common with her, yet I can still feel her pain and happiness, her all around feelings. I think that this is what makes the series so attractive to me. My question is, when you first started to write the series, did you know how appealing it would be to readers of every age? You probably get asked this question all the time, but I’m interested. I am also interested in reading the rest of the available series. I really love your series. I sometimes catch myself getting that exited feeling at Alice’s happy times, and that sad feeling at her sad or miserable times. Thank you for writing a really cool series. 

 Phyllis replied:
I never really know until a book is published and I hear from readers just how attractive or unattractive it will be for them.  But, like you, I find myself feeling along with Alice, happy on her good days, really bad on the sad ones.  That’s the way it’s always been with my writing, however.  If I don’t cry in the sad scenes and laugh out loud at the funny ones, then I figure my readers won’t feel it either.

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