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The other night I got a phone call from my youngest sister; she is 12 going on 13. I am 27.  She had called to let me know she had finished “Mockingjay” and announced to me she was going to start reading the “Pretty Little Liars” series, as it is popular with her friends at the moment.

In my mind, my first reaction was “no, no, no.” I did not feel they were appropriate for her age, but it got me thinking. When I was her age there was a book series of a girl and her friends, a girl who was very dear to me and helped me through sticky situations with my own friends at that time.

While trying to keep our conversation straight, I was wracking my mind to remember my “friends” name, was it Amanda? No, that couldn’t be right! Being pregnant, it being late, I couldn’t believe I could not remember. I went back to picturing my grade school/middle school library, I could see the section on the wall but still nothing came to mind. I tried everything I could think of on Google, “books for girls 12-14”, “popular girls books in the 90’s”, nothing!

After checking my page, I went to the books section and thought, “maybe just maybe, it’ll be listed on here. I know I’ll know it when I see it.” Starting with the numbers and moving into the A’s, I finally spotted it. “The Alice Books”, yes Alice my dear, dear friend Alice, how could I have forgotten her name, had 1997 really been that long ago? So I sent Olivia an email, I am hoping she can develop as special of a friendship with Alice as I had not so long ago.

I keyed in your name and found the Alice website, and it makes me so happy to read some of the letters girls have written to you. Also the way you have written back to them, how amazing. I wanted to say thank you so much! All of my memories of her came flooding back to me, and I cannot wait to get out of work and go find Alice again. I am also hoping that one day my own little girl will enjoy her company as much as I did, and I cannot wait to see what Alice has been up to in my absence.

Thanks again so much!


Phyllis replied:

I’m so glad you reconnected with the Alice books again.  It’s wonderful that you have recommended the series to your younger sister.  Thanks so much for letting me know.

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