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I am so very close to being done reading I like him, He likes her. I feel as if I have so many questions. my friend let me borrow the book and told me to read that I am almost done, I am so in love. This is the question that I think is the most important. Since I started reading I like him, he likes her, I think I will just keep continuing reading from there. Is that ok? Or should I start reading the books from the very beginning? I think I really want to just read about her high school life. Another question of mine is, what is the name of the book of her senior year? Sophomore is ” Its not like I planned it this way”, Junior is “Please don’t be true”..correct? I just need the name of the senior one. Am I missing any of her books? Is there more than four books of her high school life? Is there any books after her high school life? How did you come up with a girl like Alice?
Phyllis replied:
It’s fine just to keep reading the high school books. For those who know Alice and her brother from their earliest years, the episodes will be deeper and more meaningful, but you can always go back and read the whole series from the very first book, which is “Starting with Alice,” when Alice was in third grade and Lester was a teenager.  You can get those books in paperback.  You are correct about the titles of the high school 3-book bindups.  The three books of her senior year have not been published yet, since the last book that would be in that volume, “Alice On Board,” has just come out in hardcover.  The publisher will probably wait a bit to publish the bind-up, as they don’t want to affect sales of the hardcover.  Once they’ve decided on a pub date, they’ll tell me the name of the bind-up and I’ll print it here.  There will be one final book in the Alice series, which takes her from age 18 to 60.  It’s title is “Always Alice” and I’m still revising it.  The publisher will be bringing that out in the fall of 2013, not the spring.

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