Pictures of characters in the Alice books


I was wondering if you have any pics of these characters that i am putting in this  email , Alice, Sylvia , Lester, Patrick Long, gwen wheeler, elizabeth price, pamela jones, jim sorringer, nancy, amy sheldon, lori, karen, jill, mark, brian, justin, donald sheavers, takoma park, leslie, faith, molly, penny, uncle harold, uncle howard, grandpa mckinley, aunt sally, uncle milt, carol, kirk, martin, marie, marilyn, david, rosalind, billly.


Phyllis replied:

I’m afraid you’ll have to use your imagination.  I try to mention characteristics from time to time, realizing that there are always new readers to the Alice books, besides those who have followed them for years.   Occasionally I will mention Alice’s strawberry blond hair, or the fact that Gwen and Yolanda are African-American or that Ben is sort of roly-poly, but I don’t do this often because it would get pretty boring.  And you guys wouldn’t buy the books if they had pictures, now would you?

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