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I am just writing to tell you how much I have enjoyed the “ALICE” series. I started reading them when I was in fifth grade I am now 28 years old with a Master’s Degree and I still read my Alice books and I am the first in line when a new book is published! I think that your books really speak to  young adults and I dealt with the same issues Alice Pamela and Elizabeth did and it was realistic with out being pushy or sappy. Also as an African-American I loved Gwen and that you dealt with racism and showed that it is still a huge issue in our society as a whole. I will truly miss Alice and all of her friends and her older brother Lester (who sounds like the perfect boyfriend) your books took me through puberty and I will alway cherish them!!!!
P.S. Whenever I go to Takoma Park or Sliver Spring I pretend that I am going to run into Alice and the gang!!

Phyllis replied:

  so glad you’re still enjoying the Alice books, and I love it that you think of them when you are in Takoma Park or Silver Spring.  Lester is probably my favorite character, and I was always happy when it was time to write another Lester/Alice scene. 

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