Used to Hate to Read


    I’ve been a fan of yours since I was 9. I never would’ve given a thought about picking up a book

and reading it.But one day my sister comes to me (at the library)and suggests that I should read it. I finally picked it up and read it.And I actually enjoyed it!I’ve been a fan of yours ever since. I am 13 years old now and I finished reading the book Incredibly Alice awhile ago. I am looking forward to Reading Alice on Board. I told one of my friends to read one of your books.She absolutely HATES
reading. But right now, the Alice books is the only books she would agree to read.One day I plan of being a writer like you. Just one question. How tiring is the job of being a writer? Thank you so so So much for writing the Alice Books.They have been my guide for so many years. At one point, i actually caught my self saying,”What would Alice Do?”
 You will always, and i mean ALWAYS be my number 1 fan
Phyllis replied:
It can get pretty tiring writing a book, I won’t lie to you, so you must really love the act of writing, not just the thought of being a writer.  I rewrite each chapter four or five times, sometimes more, and then revise parts of it after the editor has read it.  But if you feel you have a story to tell, and you really truly enjoy it, then that’s what makes a writer.

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