A Sudden Death


I really enjoy your alice Series, I’m going into the 9th grade this year and it will be my first year of High school. I’m nervous, but I’m ready. What’s helping me get ready is rereading Alice Alone because she is also just entering Freshman Year in that book.  But I’m here to talk about something else. I live in a smallish town, very calm peaceful, where alot If people know each  other.  ANd on Friday, a boy a grade below me was killed in a freak accident. And what gets to me is I knew him. Not well, but I saw him around all the time, and my friend would always wave to him and he always was smiling. I also knew one of his older brothers. When you dont know them, and you just hear of it in the nespaper or news, you feel sorry but you soon forget, because it did not affect you. He was on his way to a boating birthday party of a girl I knew as well, and the truck ran out of gas. So the kids pushed the Car to help it go, and as it gained momentum, all the kids hopped into the bed of the truck and he lost his footing and the trailer holding the boat ran right over his chest and killed him,  right in front of those kids eyes. it really hurts me. I think about him all the time now. And I think of Intensley Alice when —– is killed, out of nowhere, and totally unaware that it was going to happen. This boy woke up that morning thinking that he was going to have a fun day. Thinking he was just going to make himself another memory. But instead we all have to try and hold into his. Why can’t I stop thinking about him?
Thank you so much for your books. And I’m very sorry to hear about your husbands passing. 
Thanks again for your wonderful books. 
Phyllis replied:
       No, you can’t stop thinking about him because it really is terrible.  And it reminds you that any of us could suddenly lose our life in a freak accident.  Sometimes it helps to do something in that friend’s memory that you wouldn’t have done otherwise–a community service, or plant a tree, or do a kindness that makes the world, in some small way, a better place.

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