An Alice Movie?


I am twelve years old and is sixth grade. I have read all of your Alice books and have been looking for a chance to act. When I read the books and heard more and more about Alice I couldn’t have found a character so similar to me anywhere else. The red hair and freckles is exactly the same as mine, thinking that I am always in-between. I also have a personality like Alice. Afraid about what is going to happen next in life, her determination to do the right thing all the time but just end up getting yourself embarrassed. I was wondering if you were ever going to create a movie to go along with the books and if I could take part in an audition. I have been in several plays and done a ton of family movies. I hope that you will take my letter in account. Thank you so much for reading!

Phyllis replied:

I get a number of requests from girls who would like to play one of the characters from the Alice books in a movie. Actually, a movie has already been made–a loose interpretation of “The Agony of Alice,” which was titled “Alice Upside Down.”  It’s available on DVD.  As of now, the producers aren’t planning any more Alice movies.

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